Teaching Approach

It's time to learn guitar - stress free

Despite there being so many online resources at your leisure to develop your skills as a guitar player, a large majority of guitar players will find their progress advancing at a much slower rate without the aid of a professional coaching them along their journey.

Why is this?

Simple, it’s because you’re swimming through thousands of resources that aren’t specifically tailored TO YOU! 

Also for a few reasons like:

  • Not receiving personal feedback from a professional on what to aim for. Would you rather aimlessly walk through information, or, have a clear cut plan on how to achieve your goals?

  • Not understanding that just because you might be achieving great results, doesn’t mean you aren’t leaving things behind to only redevelop later! Technique is a big one in this regard.

  • Overwhelmed and misguided. Everyone has a different teaching approach and online information can only deliver so much. You need a coach who knows your style and learning methods.

Take it from someone with over a decade of experience that had to redevelop correct technique after so many years… a coach is worth it!

One of the most common misconceptions when learning with the guitar is that you need to practice 30 minutes EVERY DAY!​

Well guess what… you don’t! You don’t even have to practice every day! Did you just feel a weight drift off your shoulders?​

I’ve proved to students time and time again that it’s not the length of your practice, it’s what you’re doing for practice! There’s a difference between practising and playing.​

Let me show you the secrets to developing great guitar skills with only a short amount of time invested a week! It’s magical stuff really.

"Matt is patient and understanding, which makes learning guitar as an adult so much more enjoyable. He's easy-going but also doesn't let you shy away from a challenge and wants you to be the best that you can be!"
- Laine