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Lesson Packs

Please note: Each lesson pack contains 4 lessons.

30 Minutes

This duration is great for those who live a busy lifestyle or are on a budget, but still want to benefit from a great coach to guide them through mastering the instrument.


45 Minutes

In my opinion, the perfect amount of time for a guitar lesson. Within this time you allow yourself to not just go through guitar materials, but also comfortably practice under my supervision without fighting for time.


60 Minutes

The best value for money. This time is for students who want to progress with the instrument at the fastest rate possible, whilst being instructed to practise under supervision.


"Matt has been a great teacher and has helped take my playing to the next level. He has been very open and helpful to teaching any topic/style of my choosing (and talented enough to teach them very well) and at the same time pinpoint and focus on my weak points. I definitely recommend Matt's Guitar Coaching if you want to drastically improve your playing. As a bonus, Matt is very friendly and very easy to get along with which makes the learning a lot easier and a lot of fun.​"
- Ramon