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Blues guitar lessons Brisbane, Everton Park. Master Acoustic Blues Guitar, Electric Blues Guitar, improvisation, theory and more!

In this genre, we’re going to focus on all areas of blues guitar that makes it the amazing genre we all love. We’ll be focusing on building a strong foundation for your blues technique including areas like vibrato, bending, sliding and more, whilst also focusing on studying the greats such as Jimi Hendrix, B.B. Kind, John Mayer, Eric Clapton and more. 

Other areas such as blues improvisation, creating blues licks and understanding the 12 bar blues will also be our main focus. This will help develop an amazing foundation of understanding your fretboard, song structure, harmony and melodic phrasing. With the blues being the main influence of so many genres, our blues guitar lessons will increase your overall musicianship and confidence with understanding your instrument.

Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Beginner Blues Guitar Lessons

As a beginner to learning acoustic blues guitar or electric blues guitar, I’ll be showing you the following:

  • The open chords relevant to playing along with the 12 bar blues with ease

  • The secrets to FAST & EASY chord changes.

  • Understanding basic blues strumming patterns 

  • A step-by-step map to mastering the pentatonic & blues scale for improvisation and soloing.

  • Instructions to set you up for strong blues techniques

  • Professionally tailored practice regimes so you know exactly how to improve with the instrument

  • How to practise and play effectively with the best possible mindset

  • and more!

Beginning to learn blues guitar is one of the most enjoyable areas of learning the guitar. You’ll absolutely love it from day one.

Intermediate & Expert Blues Guitar Lessons

  • As an intermediate, I’ll be showing you the following:

    • Confidence locating bar chords, triads, inversions, target notes and more to assist playing 12 bar blues

    • Scales and Arpeggios across entire fretboard in all important key signatures

    • Intermediate and advanced blues strumming patterns and technique. 

    • Blues technique, such as, vibrato, bending, raking, dynamics

    • Intermediate blues fingerpicking patterns including Travis Picking

    • Intermediate practice regimes so you know EXACTLY what to practice

    • Chord building to understand fretboard freedom.

    • How to practise and play effectively with the best possible mindset

    • and more!

    Blues is one of the most influential styles that carries across to different genres of music.

At age 71, I had never learned to play a musical instrument of any kind but learning to play The Blues on electric guitar was on my retirement bucket list. Matt was recommended to me and I found him to be a very impressive and talented young man. I started learning some basics on my own from books and YouTube but since commencing lessons with Matt 18 months ago my I feel my playing has advanced in leaps and bounds. Matt lets me concentrate on the areas I enjoy but every week adds something outside my comfort zone so that I am constantly improving to the point where I feel I am now playing some reasonable Blues. I would highly recommend Matt as he is a patient and talented teacher and learning with him has far exceeded my expectations.
- Greg

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